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Transforming Wedding Stress into Wedding Bliss…at the Spa

25 Feb

  Keep Calm…..and don’t be a Bridezilla! I just finished my latest article for Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa magazine which is about pre-wedding services …

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Cindy Crawford’s un-PhotoShopped picture

17 Feb

A lot of discussion has certainly been generated online in the last couple of days since the photo of a 48-year-old supermodel’s photo was apparently …

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The truth about Estheticians?

11 Feb

I have included a link (below) to an article that has caused quite a stir among estheticians, and I want to address some of the …

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Spa Menu Mistakes

9 Feb

When writing our service menu, we really need to step out of our treatment rooms, remove our esthetician caps and think like a client.  The …

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The Many Forms of Female Beauty

2 Feb

Society can be tough on women.  We are supposed to be skinny and ageless, and we have no choice but to constantly compare ourselves to …

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Be Inspired

30 Jan

Times are definitely changing and it’s important that we change with them.  Not only have professional products become more aggressive and esthetic equipment has evolved …

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Happy Esthetician 2015

29 Jan

I hope this finds everybody well into a prosperous and fun 2015.  This is the perfect time to dust off your dreams, re-fire your passion …

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Aloha Estheticians!

19 Dec

Estheticians sometimes need to be lured out of their treatment rooms, so I’ve got some things to tempt you.  I just got back from a …

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