Welcome to my Happy Esthetician website.

My name is Diane Buccola.  I have been a licensed esthetician in California since 1999, and I became an NCEA Certified Esthetician in 2008.  I am a former spa owner and solo esthetician, as well as an author, speaker and consultant. (More details can be found on my “About Diane” page.)

In my many years as a licensed esthetician, I have seen some major career-altering developments, most important of which is the proliferation of our professional products being sold online.  That one is a game-changer, and if you haven’t adjusted your esthetics business accordingly, you should.  I’ve got several resources to help you, one of which is SpaBizBoard.com which I created in 2006.  SBB was one of the first online message boards (long before Facebook, Twitter, etc.)  SpaBizBoard is a private subscription site for spa professionals and has become a well-respected resource for estheticians in particular.

I have written a couple of books and several articles, all of which you can read about here on my website.  Next, I will launch a series of educational videos which will only be available to licensed estheticians. We are working on the technology right now and as soon as we have the first few videos uploaded, I will let you know.

I love the Spa Business and I love being an Esthetician.  I think the work that we do is important.  I believe that we are all in this together, so we must support each other.  And that is what motivates me every day.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Aloha Estheticians!

19 Dec

Estheticians sometimes need to be lured out of their treatment rooms, so I’ve got some things to tempt you.  I just got back from a …

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Professional Estheticians

3 Dec

First of all….it’s raining!!!  We have been asking for rain here in beautiful Northern CA and, wow, did we get our wish!  I got a …

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Happy Esthetician/SpaBizBoard

18 Nov

I have been reworking my website so if you have stopped by lately and have seen things coming and going, changing colors, shrinking and enlarging, …

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“Winterizing” Our Clients’ Skin Care

14 Nov

I don’t know about where you live but here on the West Coast , the temperature has dropped along with the leaves on the beautiful trees. …

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Esthetician tee-shirts, etc.

6 Nov

Wearing a tee-shirt or cap that identifies you as an esthetician is a great conversation-starter and an easy and affordable marketing tool.  Check out the …

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BeWell Expo class schedule, Sunday, October 5th

29 Sep

Classes begin at 12:30.  Spa professionals and the public are invited to attend any or all of the following classes: 12:30 –  Reasons Why You Might Love …

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BeWell Expo 2014 – Sunday, October 5th – Sacramento CA

24 Sep

Please join us in re-establishing estheticians as the experts in skin care, and bring consumers back to the spa!Today’s consumers are bombarded with ads for …

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BeWell Expo 2014 – Sacramento CA – Sunday, October 5th

17 Sep

Today’s consumers are bombarded with ads for one-size-fits-all “miracle” products, and their main source of skin care guidance is what they read online or hear …

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